Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Maurice Wise
Ashley Brown

For this years National History Day competition we chose to do the innovation of Playboy Magazine.

Playboy was first made in 1953, in Chicago, Illinois by Hugh Hefner. They used a loan of $1,000 from

Hugh's mom. The title of the magazine was first called Stag Party, but Hugh couldn't use that because

another magazine called Stag had called him and said that they would protect the trademark if he tried

to publish using that name. Hugh Hefner and his co-founder Eldon Sellers suggested to name the

magazine “Playboy” because his mother had worked for the Playboy Automobile Company. Hugh and

Eldon published their first magazine in December 1953 with the first model being the infamous

Marilyn Monroe. Hugh made the magazine in the kitchen of his house at Hyde Park. The picture that

was used on the cover was originally suppose to be a calender photo but the magazine sold out within a

week of being published.

Around the time when playboy was being thought of society was really still grasping the idea of

both women and men expressing sexuality publicly. A lot of people felt that women were to be looked

as just a wife and homemaker and not an object of sexual desires. People like Marilyn Monroe and

Hugh Hefner put a new meaning on what it was to be a women in society and to express femininity. A

lot of parts of Asia like India and Malaysia. IN 2006 Indonesia made their own version of Playboy but

before they had the chance to publish the first issue the government had tried to ban in using an anti-

pornography rule but they couldn't so the IDF ( Islamic Defenders Front which was a Muslim

organization went against it because of its “pornography”.

By making Playboy, Hugh Hefner kind of made a impact it gave young, college-bound and college-

going young adults an outlet for sexual tension and repression. Society had been taught the

specific roles for every person in the community; the women were homemakers, and the men were

workers. BY making this magazine he also contradicted them pre-set roles by making women sex

symbols. Through the magazine Hugh Hefner was able to somewhat connect with the 1950's-1960's

generation, because when he was younger he also wanted to express his self independently. The

magazine caused a lot rebellion from family life, which made Playboy the icon for the rebellion against

society roles and how you are suppose to be.

Thursday, November 19, 2009


For NHD me and my partner ashley brown have decided to keep our topic of the Innovation of PLayboy magazine. We decided that this would fit best because it can be broken down to more deeper levels as far as society, and culture. We still plan on doing an exhibit. They tried to convince us to do a website but we feel that the website would somewhat be too "pornographic" if we are talking about playboy.

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

independent project!

Today in the computer lab  i worked on refining my sociology project as well as work on proposal for NHD project. My topic was Playboy and how it redefined what sexuality was but unfortunately it had to be changed so now I'm back at sage one. i plan on working with Stephanie Townsend and Ashley Brown on this project.

independent project!

Monday, June 1, 2009


Thursday, May 29, 2008


Have you ever had something or someone in your life that meant so much to you, but people didnt realize how important they were? In the story Of mice and Men by John Steinbeck this was actually close to whata character Candy wasfeeling when a friend of his, Curley told him that his dog was worthless and old and should be killed.

Many people say that Candys dog was not a character in the book but he actually was a character who had a meaning not to us as readers but maybe to Candy. Candys old dog could be a symbol of what people will grow to be, old,tired,beat up, no longer able to stand and work. In this book i think that John Steinbeck used the dog to make Candy and the rest of the gang think wow is this how u guys are gonna treat me when i get old and wont be able to move anymore, will they just think of them as useless and take them out and shoot and that's why i think that Candy was so upset when no one understood why the dog meant so much to him.

Another important symbol in the story would be the puppy. In this novel the puppy was a symbol of hope because Lennie is a big strong amn who is not known for handled small objects with much care (mice, opuppy, candys So for George to allow him to have the chance to have the puppy lennie can now show that he can take care of an animal without killing it.
The final symbol inn the book was the farm. The farm was a symbol of success and responsibility to george and Lenny. For Lenny and george to have a farm of their own they would not have to worry about going out and working for someone else because they will finally have something that they can call their own and take the responsibility of raising their own crops and cattle.
From reading This novel i have learned that the littlest things that people take for granted can have a more heartfelt meaning to someone else. I have also learned that life is too short to just worry about working and having the best life possible jus take time to " smell the roses"

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Reflection May 28, 2008

This week fr service learning i actually feel like my group really got something done. We brokeup into two small groups. one group went over to K-mart, which consisted of group leader Juliene, Tabitha, Veasna, Gribbin, Jessica and John. Their job was to just go and price things out and see how much we will need to supply the store. Th other group which consisted of myself, Morgan, Arlette, Brandon stayed behind to do some finishing touches on the bill. We also went downto the lunch and we realized that the room we wanted the first time was way to small for a school store so we went over to another and we really liked it because we had a lot of space and we all could fit in there at once. We swept the floors mopped it up and the room looked and smelled way better.